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Meet our family...


Chuk &   Sarah







We are a dog loving, homeschooling family

who all join in the efforts of caretaking for

Lacey, Muffin, Rosie and Peanut as well as all their precious pups! 

These puppies get all they need, and when they need it!  Maria is coined "doggie Momma" because she loves hand feeding them and is one of their biggest admirers! 

Ezekiel is on top of things, making sure the pups stay on schedule with meticulous care! 

Little Micah is happy to help and sees his labor of love as nothing short of pure pleasure! 

We care for your Cavapoos like they are our own,

and it is our pleasure to assist you in your Puppy Adoption !!!!


"Let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it. "

We are a moderately active family.  We enjoy hiking, biking and travelling. 

We like to bring our dogs with us when we go, go, go! 

They all ride cargo style in our "doggie bike chariot" along

adventurous ocean front roads and beautiful bike paths! 

Our Cavapoos swim with us in lakes and

climb mountain trails then swim in the discovered waterfalls! 

   They get to run free in our grassy meadow at home

and enjoy daily walks around our property

during all four seasons of our crazy New England weather! 

Our entire family of seven ( we have two adult sons living at home as well ) are passionate dog lovers.  We find it extremely easy to love our Cavapoos since they are so loving to us and we feel privileged and blessed to have them enrich our lives every day in so many wonderful ways! 

While we DO get somewhat attached to all the puppies we raise, the reward outweighs the separation... 

We find it so incredibly enjoyable ( besides all the hard work ) raising such unique and precious puppy personalities - from fragile birth to weaning, and then bonding with them as they mature mentally.  But nothing is more gratifying than having the privilege of impacting a unique individual or family's life in such an intimate and significant handing them a new family member and knowing our job and efforts live on in a genuine way!  We find immense joy and even awe as we watch each puppy find his or her unique and special/wonderful homes!  We rest assured that they have a great and bright life ahead!  

That's why we are SOooo happy you are considering one of our Cavapoos for your own...We want them all to have great furever families!!!

Contact us below!

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