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                    He     is   a   beautiful F1B Cavapoo   with  a pleasant   and   sweet   demeanor.    Although he is an F1B he does not over favor the poodle in looks and coat.    He will certainly be curly coated and look like a classic F1 Cavapoo.   He has a Tan coat that has the potential to turn a creamy beige color and then back to tan seasonally.  He   is  sensitive,  semi  - calm   and   laid back.     

He   will   make   a   warming   companion   dog and form a deep emotional   bond with his human.     He had   his first puppy check-up and vaccine.   

He will go home    with a Care Package and 4    days of frozen raw food.    8 wks old and ready to go home on February 17th!    

          Perfect lap size....                      Estimated   10-11lbs 

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