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Veterinarian Wellness

          It is common for a new patient to have difficulty scheduling a readily available appointment at a veterinarian office.  More times than not vet offices are scheduling 1 to 2 months out into the future.  So please call a vet as soon as possible after putting a deposit for your puppy!  Your puppy will have had his / her standard primary wellness check and be cleared for great health or else you will be foretold if there is a problem found....  You will receive the record paperwork from the vet that you must bring to your first visit with your own vet!  I can also transfer your puppies' file if desired from office to office.  The papers will show that your puppy was examined, verifying your puppy is wholly healthy.  The exam record is very universally understood amongst all vets no matter from what veterinarian's practice that it came from.  YOUR vet will be familiar with it and understand it to mean that all the regular bodily exams have been completed. 


         Your puppy will receive the vet recommended vaccines for their age appropriateness.  This will be the first 6-8 wk standard vaccine called DISTEMPER at about 7 weeks old.   This is a combo shot of 3 treatments for the viruses Distemper, Adenovirus-2 and Parvovirus (DAPP), +/- Parainfluenza Virus.  Puppy will also receive deworming medicine at the same visit.   All other standard vaccines will be administered at the age appropriate time if your puppy is still here with us!  Any requests beyond this, please let us know!   (Such as Fecal / Stool sampling) If you would like extra measures we will certainly accommodate your requests.  For that matter, you may certainly also request no vaccines.  You may consider a Stool Sample instead of the standard Dewormer medication since if worms are ruled out with a stool test then your puppy does not need that medication!

Please voice your concerns to us!  *** Please note that I don't feel comfortable bringing our puppies to a vet's office at any younger than 7 wks old unless medically necessary.  The stronger the puppy is, the better ready they'll be to deal with the stresses of new environment exposure or medications of any kind!

           I perform a critical wellness check on our puppies at their time of birth to check for critical things such as Cleft Pallet and heartbeat irregularities.  I carefully assist birth in various ways focusing on Momma to have plenty of recovery time giving her calcium doses between deliveries.  This makes a smoother delivery and shortens the time puppies are in destress in the womb.  I gently assist all births and especially breach ones.  I safely secure umbilical cords to prevent potential hernias.  Puppies are minimally handled for the first few weeks while they have developing immune systems although we closely assist Momma starting at birth with the nursing of each individual puppies.  Particularly helping them latch on well so they get the hang of their new life sustaining activity!  We do this by keenly intervening with positioning of the litter mates to ensure a "team spirit" all sharing equally from Momma's precious milk!   Puppies are kept appropriately warm with floor heating mats for weeks until they are strong enough to produce their own heat.  We weigh pups every day to closely monitor their weight gain in order to ensure they are indeed drinking enough, adjusting and monitoring the heat they are receiving. They will get lots of appropriate stimulation as they begin to grow. After a couple weeks old at each weighing session we will begin stimulation training.  This is a few routine exercises that have been discovered to introduce early stressors ensuring proper neurological responses to life's many stimuli later in life!  The puppies' eyes begin to open for the first time around 2 weeks and they begin to hear for the first time around 3 weeks.  They are kept very clean (mainly by Momma) for the first few weeks, but when she resigns from that duty, I gently bathe the pups and trim their nails.  They will be very loved and cared for like our own pets!  

Healthy Beginnings

         We take pride in raising our doggies like the royal princes and princesses that they are. 

By feeding our dogs a Raw Diet, void of kibble and full of healthy supplementation,

we believe they are healthier and therefore happier and smarter for it! 

Our dogs eat a raw diet complete in minerals, vitamins, protein, fat and carbohydrates. 

They eat a homemade formula of food grade chicken, bone, and organ meats - livers, heart, kidney or gizzards - as well as raw fruits and veggies such as berries and leafy greens, ground flaxseed and spirulina powder.  We also make sure to offer only filtered spring water to avoid possible public water concerns.

          When your puppy weans from Momma, we start feeding a fresh homemade diet.

Slowly introducing (while puppy is still feeding on momma's milk) a puppy formula of goats milk and raw egg.  At 4 weeks they start on a fine ground puppy formula identical to their parents but in a no-chew mush form.  Sometime during the 6th to 7th week we start them on the same formula but less ground so they use their new set of teeth to chew it!  All of our puppies have done very well transitioning to this food!  And they do fine transitioning to conventional diets at their new homes as well!  They will start on chewable puppy vitamins at around 6 weeks old.

If you keep your puppy on Nuvet Plus Canine wafers for their first year

then we can therefore gladly offer a 1 year genetic guarantee. 

(Any requests of the sort must be accompanied by veterinarian records.)   

         Our dogs and puppies supplement with Spirulina, flaxseed, and occasional probiotics as well.  Yet, even with all that good stuff, they also take their multivitamins every day!  We start your puppy on NuVet Canine Plus multivitamins as "treats" once fully weaned from Momma!  We will send you home with a few days supply.  We recommend them for all of our pups especially up until 1 years old!  That is the most crucial time - during their growth and developing immune systems!  Weaning from Mom, then facing the BIG transition home is a really BIG deal to any newborn puppy!  Despite receiving proper love and care, alas they will still face stress in various ways.  Everything they have known suddenly gets taken from them;

their Momma, their close siblings and all their human care takers!  They will also be facing a new environment in your own yard and possible other pets.  Giving supplemental support has proven to help with all this change by supporting their stress levels and immune systems as well as continues to provide the nutrients they are used to having.

Happy Transition Assistance

        We care about you and your new puppy's transition!  You may feel free to contact us ANYTIME, with ANY questions that you may have!  We would love to hear how your pup is doing!  We will provide a Schedule Chart of the puppies' daily routine to help you gauge your own routine.  Since puppies grow fast so this is just to give you an aid that you can use to custom fit your growing puppy's needs.  You'll get a Care Package of various doggie paraphernalia...(see below)   Most importantly, you will go home with 5 days of Raw Food that is Frozen in small baggies and easy to thaw in the fridge 24 hours prior.

New Diet

         How do you transition your puppy from our raw diet to your new diet?  We are here to help you with your pup's transition to a new diet.  We find some new parent/owners decide to keep their pup on the Raw Food after seeing how much their pup loves the food.  There are delivery services who will ship it to you.  Some even prepare it on their own as we do.  Buying from the local pet store is really not the feasible option.  You must be comfortable with what you feed your puppy, so we in no way want you to keep a diet you aren't all about!  We will give you lots of information on Raw Feeding and encourage you to if you can, keep this healthy practice for the life of your pet.  Raw offers Superior nutrition to any cooked and processed Kibble formulas.  A properly Formulated Raw Food is going to make your dog happy and healthy.  So, we go to great lengths to start your pup off right onto our own special ground meat formula.  Puppies LOVE this food and eat it very quickly.  Puppies have very firm stool eating this food which indicates great digestion!  And a dogs poop smells much less offensive on raw food.  If you are that person who chooses Raw, we can assist you to online vendors or coach you through homemade preparations...There are so many social online videos on this topic!  It is gaining popularity, even Oprah Winfrey is known to feed her dogs a Raw Diet!  If you would like more information on the Raw Diet we can gladly offer lots of info.

        Transitioning a puppy from raw to dry food is totally fine and should not pose any problem per say.  It should be done as any other transition....slowly introduce the new food.  Start with swapping one meal a day with the new food while still feeding the familiar food for the day's other meals.  Transitioning a puppy onto a new diet takes patience and time on your part.  A puppies' digestive system will need to adjust to a new diet.  Even just the transition to their forever home is a HUGE change alone that can make feeding difficult for some pups!  Be patient and know that you will probably have to assist your puppy.  Some puppies don't want to eat alone, because eating time to them is a social habit and they won't have their siblings!  Some puppies even want to be hand fed!  Some puppies can be picky eaters and will pose more of a challenge.  (Cavaliers can be picky eaters as was our Lacey and one reason why we feed Raw today to all our Breeding dogs!) 

        For a DRY DOG FOOD (known as "Kibble") Transition, please use a PUPPY KIBBLE FORMULA of superior brand free of filler meats and processed ingredients.  I do not recommend a particular brand.  You may consult your vet for good advice.  You will start introducing it once a day for the first 2 days while also feeding the Raw food provided 2xs a day.  Your puppy will be eating 3xs a day until 16 wks old at least.  After 16 to 24 wks old you may transition to 2xs a day feedings.  The Dry kibble needs to have hot (but not boiling not) water poured over it for the first few weeks until your pup is 12 WKS OLD and has their full set of puppy come in!  Let it sit in the water until it becomes soft and offer to your puppy.  Remember kibble is VERY dry so offer plenty of water every time they eat.

Care Package

Care Package
Care Package

I provide you and your new puppy with what I consider some very helpful and convenient "Have on Hands" items that I believe YOU AND YOUR PUPPY will enjoy!!!

What's Included?


  2. LEASH - Can keep as a backup in the car


  4. BOWL - Collapsible type for Travel

  5. SPRAY BOTTLE - Filled with Distilled Vinegar + cleaner

  6. TUG TOY - Playing Tug is so important!

  7. BALL - for fetch

  8. BELL - For Potty Training

  9. CHEW TOY - Java Wood type, puppy safe!


11. VITAMINS - 5 day Sample pack NUVET PLUS WAFERS

12. SPIRULINA - samples

13. MINTIES Dental Chews  - samples 

14. TRAINING TREATS - (non crumble type) - samples

15. RAW FOOD - 3 to 5 Days of Frozen Servings

16. 1 PEE PAD - for travel in the car (disposable)

 * * Possible small bottle of puppy Shampoo


Puppies' Daily Schedule

Potty Training

               Your puppy will have been crate training to do their dues outside starting at 5-6 wks old.  We use an outdoor potty-loo for middle of the night potty trips and also for rainy days.  All other dues will be done outside on the grass.  This will jump start your training process and give your pup an advantage of learning good habit early!  We will provide a small bell you can hang at the regular exit door you will use it when bringing your pup to do their dues.  Simply use the pups paw to ring the bell one time while saying "Going out potty" Do this EACH AND EVERY TIME you go out.  In as little as a few weeks your pup may ring the bell to communicate to you they need to "go" out.  You may also want to place a bell on the puppy's crate so they can alert you in the night hours.  Also consider an upgrade to a heavier bell as your puppy grows bigger.  It's a rewarding treat for a pup to ring a bell to communicate to you!  Cavapoos are pretty smart and should catch on pretty quickly to Potty Training,'s certainly no magical thing by any means.  You must set your puppy up for success.  There are so many good videos on Youtube about potty training.  Of course my method of choice is and will always be Crate Training! 

 I highly recommend MCCAAN Dog Training videos!

'Your Complete Guide To Potty Training'

Taking Your Puppy Home First Day - VIDEO

Reserve a Pup!

    You may reserve a pup at anytime!  We take care to ensure our puppies find the right homes.....  While we believe every home deserves a great dog, we also want to see our puppies in the right homes where they will receive top notch care and attention to their wellbeing - Their health, minds and hearts!  Although we do not have an application process for interested buyers, we do vet those buyers interested using keen judgement.  We like to know why you want a puppy and also the type of commitment you are ready to assume owning your furever pet!  These two factors have proved very well at satisfying our sense of who can adopt one of our puppies!!!

Puppy Picking Process

               You may choose a particular pup when the litter is 5-6 wks old so that we can help ensure you are receiving the character traits best matched just for you!!!  Puppies develop slowly for the first 5 wks and then quickly after that!  Sometimes someone sees a particular pup and just knows that pup is meant to be their own!  I understand and can certainly accommodate those requests after 5 wks of age.  Meaning, I don't have to meet you in person, only meet you on the telephone to learn more about you and your family!  Reservations will be in order of first come first served.  You may change your mind or choose any other pup that's available at that time.  You may come meet the pups as early as 3 wks old.  That is when they will have their eyes open and can hear.  But that being said you may want to wait to visit until 5 wks so you can interact with them more and see their character more clearly.  By then they will have entered the "play" stage and can be held.  So please consider all of this!


               $200 non refundable deposit required in order to choose a particular pup from a litter.  Of course, the deposit applies to the price of your new pup - $3,000 and upward.  We determined the price for puppy at his/her 5 wk age when we can see the type of development and also personality begin to blossom.  Deposits can be paid FROM LONG DISTANT via credit card, paypal, or venmo.  Full price remainder can be paid as Cash, Cashier's Check or Credit Card. * Although we accept Credit Card for the remainder, there will also incur an additional credit card usage fee - not to exceed $100.

Waiting List!

               See a Puppy you absolutely adore?  But maybe you are not ready this time of the year for bringing one home?  Or that particular puppy is taken by someone already?  DON'T FRET!  You can join the waiting list for Upcoming or Future litters of precious Cavapoo puppies just like the ones you see here!  $200 reserves you a spot in line for your choice of puppy.  We will arrange with you what best describes what type of puppy you want and your desired time of year.  You will have pick of the litter based on the length of people on the waiting list for that litter.  Your $200 deposit to reserve will apply towards the full cost of the puppy.  Yet, If for some reason you decide to not choose a puppy from us, you shall forfeit your deposit, unfortunately.  

CKC Registered

                 Your puppy will be "Pre - Enrolled" in the CKC Continental Kennel Club.  Choosing to finalize the enrollment  will continue the official recorded lineage of your pups direct family of canines.  This will also come with an officially stored documentation of all your puppies information and characteristics.   A CKC certificate of registration provides proof of the dog's breed, status, and lineage.  Additionally, the certificate proves ownership.  It certifies that the dog is officially registered and recorded in CKC's breed registry.  You will gain lifetime access to many useful resources such as training help, microchip kits, discounts on products and more.  This is not required, but certainly worth considering. 

Explore CKC more here:  

Embark Vet Tested

               You may request to have your puppy tested through the EMBARK company which is considered the leader in Genetic Testing for Dogs.  I will preform the Swab test then ship out the Sample.  You will receive a printed report of the results.  You will learn unique traits of your dog but most importantly you will see the hundreds of health screening concerns that Embark tests for.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your puppy is healthy down to the DNA without disease or propensity to disease.

1 Year Health Guarantee

What exactly is a puppy Health Guarantee?  If any genetic health issue becomes detected by a veterinarian doctor with appropriate supporting papers/testing within the first year of you having your puppy, then you may return puppy to us and replace with your choice of another puppy.  Also in rare cases and based on MY SOLE DISCRETION (after personal consideration) I may refund percentage of original cost if person chooses not to replace with another puppy.  The condition for the 1 year guarantee is keeping your puppy on NuVet K-9 Wafer Vitamins until 1 yr old.  These are the best vitamins I know of to ensure immune support which is so vital for a puppy's new life facing new environments and various exposures.  Thus far we have never had to discuss this guarantee with any puppy owner.  We take great care to ensure genetic health via testing and diet.    

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