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What type of dog is a CAVAPOO?

Well, I'm so happy you asked!!!
Cavapoos are "designer" mixed breeds from
these two full breeds...

King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier pic.jpg

Cavalier "King Charles" Spaniels are a variety of the larger group of sporting Spaniel dogs that were specifically breed by royalty to be a lap warming dog and also well suited for hunting fowl, a very popular European sport.  They are endearing dogs who love to sit on your lap for long lengths of time but also love to stroll the forest and fields just as much!  They are considered "lapdogs" that love affection and love to give you affection, but not the lazy type who prefer sleeping all day looooong!  By nature they are retrievers.  Meaning they love to play catch and also chase things including squirrels, chipmunks and the like!  They have long silky-haired coats that grow continuously and also shed considerably.  Cavaliers are unfortunately highly predisposed to serious diseases such as hip dysplasia during growth, heart disease, neurological diseases, hearing loss and knee problems!  Despite this they have a longer life expectancy than most dogs of 12-15 yrs!

What do you get when you breed these two marvelous full-breed dogs together?


Lacey & Muffin


toy or miniature

Phantom Red Poddles.jpg

Smaller Poodles are both affectionate and athletic.  They are traditionally German fowl hunting dogs similar to the Spaniel.  Their specialty was retrieving ducks from bodies of water therefore Poodles tend to LOVE the water and enjoy swimming.  As for Trainability and Intelligence, Poodles are out numbered by only one other dog breed - the Border Collie!  Poodles have quick trainability, high capacity memories and consistent obedience!  They are also often used as performance dogs for their playfulness and desire to learn!  Poodles have unique curly coats that dry quickly when wet.  They have no undercoat that sheds and are the most hypoallergenic dog there is!   Like the Spaniel they are high grooming maintenance.  Poodles although prone to particular diseases are not highly disposed to them and they have a long life expectancy of 10 to 18 yrs!

What do you get when you breed these two marvelous F1 Cavapoos together?





F1 and F2 Cavapoos are both 50% Cavalier and 50% Poodle.  Puppies which are breed from all kinds of dogs that are used to make Cavapoos can display or "present" with different various physical traits such as but not limited to: coat color, type, texture, shed level or facial furnishings (beard, mustache on muzzle or not).  Face shape, body shape, nose shape.  This is all based on the individual parent dogs' specific genetic "trait" genes. 
All Cavapoos seem to have those big round adorable eyes...and of course they all share similar personable traits - that loving, endearing, companionship desire for their human!

          Here in America Cavapoos are a fairly new mixed breed!  They are steadily gaining popularity and it's is no surprise since there is much to be praised about this miniature doodle breed!  What makes them so special is of course their unmatched and unsurpassable cuteness!  But it also hinges on the very important qualities such as their superior intelligence, their amazing interpersonal skills, their coveted calm-loving demeanor, their longevity and MOST importantly their great health due to hybrid vigor! 

** Cavapoos uniquely inherit the most desirable traits from the Poodle and Cavalier while leaving out the negative ones!  **


1.  Negative health problems are not generally passed down!!!

2.  The affectionate and cuddly nature is doubled up!!!

3.  The amazing athletic ability is carried over!!!

4.  Obedience and intelligence is enhanced!!!

5.  Hypoallergenic coats are ensured which hardly shed or not at all!!!

6.  Longevity is almost a guarantee!!!


Cavapoos require regular bi-monthly Grooming.

Some (only a few) Cavapoos inherit picky eating habits from the Cavalier side but many have sensitive stomachs and appreciate a quality or homemade diet.

Cavapoos do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time.

Cavapoos LOVE exercise and will appreciate extraneous exercise!

          A CAVAPOO is an adorable designer mix breed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.  Uniquely inheriting the most desirable traits from these two breeds, they have the sweetest nature of the Cavalier and the quick smarts of the Poodle!  Cavapoo puppies grow to be between about 7 to 30lbs  full grown depending on their parents and their own genetics.  They are notoriously known to be HYPOALLERGENIC with a very low to non-shedding coat that is either straight, wavy or curly.  Cavapoos love to cuddle and be near you and will adore your companionship.  They are very athletic, medium-energy dogs that can roll with the outdoor active lifestyle but can also chill with minimum activity and be quite content!  Cavapoos  get along especially great with children and other animals!  With a life span of 10-15 years, even up to 20yrs....they are bound to be your dearest family member their whole life long!

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