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Puppies receive first class CARE!!!

Early Neurological  Stimulation Treatments

Pups receive 30 seconds of exercises each day during weeks 3 and 4. 

These simple hands on techniques are positions and sensations that better prepare them for life's stressors!  Watch the video below to see a session in action!

Dew Claws

No pups were de-clawed meaning their "dewclaws" are all intact!

They will have all the 5 digits + nails on their front paws and 4 on the back paws (or sometimes 5) that they were born with.  These digits help dogs maneuver sharp quick side turns while running!  Removing the dewclaws is not merely removing the nail bed but the entire digit.  


Puppies  stay together in mom's whelping box lined with unscented pee pads 

( inside our bedroom then later in a room next to our bedroom ).

We start weaning them at the end of 3 wks old which means a slow introduction to foods other than Mom's Milk for the next 3rd to 4th week.. 

They start on a Homemade Formula of:

Goat's milk + Water

Plain Organic Yoghurt

Raw Egg Yolk


At week 4 they start on a custom fine ground raw puppy food of:

chicken meat, bone, organs, flaxseed, spirulina, seeds, leafy green vegetables and fruit/berries. 

All pups have had their nails periodically trimmed starting at 3wks old which helps them stay as short as possible. 

We start potty training them at 5 wks old!  Potty training means that after waking up and also after eating they are brought outside to the grassy area to do their "dues".  This is a labor intense technique that helps them stay clean and learn the right way as early as possible.

They will have been lovingly bathed starting at 2 to 3wks old and then multiple times during the weaning process as needed while transitioning into their crate and of course prior to going home!  Puppies need to stay extra clean during their potty training period!

Around 7 wks they will transition into their own separate small crates so that they can learn to spend more time independent from each other.  They will learn how to "hold it" until they are brought out to relieve themselves.

At 7 wks they will also move onto a denser ground food that requires some chewing from their new set of baby teeth!

Puppies will be on a very timely routine until going home of: Sleep, potty, eat, potty, play, potty, repeat - until night time!

They will play together both inside in a penned area with toys as well as outside a few times a day during potty breaks.

Puppies go to the veterinarian between 6 - 7 wks.  They'll be fully examined and have a perfect bill of health determined by the doctor!

They will have their vaccines appropriate for their age no matter at what age they go home.  A puppies' first vaccine is distemper.  Distemper is a standard multipurpose shot that treats 5 various potential exposures. 

Pups will receive first round of deworming meds.

We do NOT microchip the pups.

Vet papers will be provided.

CKC Pre-registration papers will be provided   *registration is optional

A CARE PACKAGE will be provided including various necessities and recreational items!   * Click HERE to see what's included  *

A SCHEDULE CHART will be provided to give you an idea of their regular happenings!     * Click HERE to see CHART  *

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