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Upcoming  and Current 
Cavapoo Puppies

       Join   our   2024   Waiting Lists!  

* Note - The following   planned due dates are subject to   change   based on   breeding success and   variance in  our dams' heat cycle...
Please see below for  an   explanation  of how the   waiting list works

8   F1B Mini Cavapoo Miracles

were born on  December 23rd!!! 



LACEY and PEANUT's  1st   litter 
F1B  Mini Cavapoos   (F1 Cavapoo + mini Poodle)
Red and Tan Curly coated    7 - 15lbs 
Picks are   made at 7 weeks old 
8 Week ready - February 17th 

1st Pick    -  female or male
2nd Pick -  male
3rd Pick  -  male
4th Pick  -  male
5th Pick  -  male 
6th Pick  - 
7th Pick   -  male

Late Spring / Early Summer

Due  in May  Ready in June/July


F2 CAVAPOO litter     14   - 23lbs
Tricolors  (Black with brown and white markings) 
  Tan    (with   white   markings) 
Wavy/semi-curly or straight coated         $3,000
8 week Ready   June/July   2024

1st Pick    -  female
2nd Pick -  largest female

3rd Pick  -  larger tricolor male / female
4th Pick  -  female or male
5th Pick  -  female or male
6th Pick  -  male or female        


2 litters are prospecting for Christmas 2024
and into February 2025 


 1st Pick -  female               
2nd Pick  -  male                      
3rd  Pick  -  AVAILABLE!        
4th  Pick  -  
5th Pick  -  AVAILABLE!       
  6th  Pick  -  
         7th Pick  -  AVAILABLE!       


 1st Pick  -  female or male
 2nd Pick  -  female                     
3rd  Pick  -   
4th  Pick  -   
AVAILABLE!           5th  Pick  -   AVAILABLE!           6th  Pick  -   

Join   our   Waiting List  
If you'd like to   reserve a   Pick from   a future litter!

Deposit is $200   and non-refundable but will apply to price.  

We will work together to find you the particular puppy you have in mind.     At  the  litter's 5 week   old mark you   will be  best able to start to make that decision.    5 weeks is when you should come  visit, or "visit" via Video Chat.  That's when everyone will  begin to  entertain their   choice over the next 2 weeks.    I  will keep the pictures and videos updated on the website   and sent personally to you as well.    Additional pics upon request.    Final picks must be made by 7 weeks.    Pick up is at 8 weeks, but can be arranged for later if necessary.   

The wait list  details   are to   show   the PREFERENCES   of   the   waiting list   parties for those who are joining the list.    This   gives   you   an idea   of what   the other parties' choice   might likely be   so   you   can   better   make   your   decision of whether or not to join a wait list.    Note * - If preference is noted as (female or male) that means that person's 1st choice would be female, and second choice would be male.    If only (male) or only (female) is noted, that means they only want a male or only want a female and will not choose the opposite sex.   Bold highlighting is to show strong preference.    You may change your mind as many times as you'd like   for any   particular puppy   or   litter as long as that puppy is  available.    Nothing is final   until   7 weeks.    Your   position  on   the waiting   list   will   remain   the same  up  until 7   weeks  old unless a party drops off the wait list.    I will notify you if this happens.    At 7 weeks everyone will place their pick of the litter in the order of   your    place  on the waiting list.    You may certainly   pass on   the   litter   at hand and   move your  reserve to a future litter.     * * * Any failures in our breeding success will result in either moving your reserve to another litter of choice or else the full deposit refund.  Similarly, if the litter size is smaller than anticipated.  Thankfully, this has never happened. 

I   will be happy to   clarify   these   details   further!     If    you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to me via   phone, email   or text!!                                                                                                                                                                                   ~   Sarah

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