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Upcoming   Cavapoo Puppies
                Join   our   2024   Waiting Lists!   

* Note - These planned due dates are subject to   change   based on   breeding success and    variance in  our dams' heat cycle...

Spring 2024 (Jan/Feb)


1st Pick -Reserved (smallest female)
2nd Pick -Reserved (female)
3rd Pick - Reserved (female or male)
4th Pick - Reserved (largest female)
5th Pick - 
6th Pick -

LACEY and PEANUT's  1st   litter
F1B  (Cavapoo + mini Poodle)
Tan  or Red Curly coats,    7 - 13lbs   
8 Week ready - March / April


Spring 2024 (April)


F2 CAVAPOO litter     14   - 22lbs
Tricolors  (Black with brown and white markings) 
  Tan   or   Apricot    (with   white   markings)
8 week Ready   June    2024

1st Pick -
2nd Pick -

3rd Pick -

4th Pick -

5th Pick - 

6th Pick - 

Join   our   Waiting List  
If you'd like to   reserve a   Pick from   a future litter!

Cost is $200   and non-refundable but will apply to price  

You may change your mind as many times as you'd like   for any   particular puppy   or   litter.  Your   position  on   waiting   list   will   remain   the same   unless   switching   to   a   different litter.

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