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 We are Cavapoo Breeders in   Massachusetts...

We specialize in breeding extraordinary  Cavapoos!!

We   raise   our   Cavapoos...

In Home - Lovingly with Individual Care!

Our Cavapoo Dam Lacey

Jump-Start Potty Trained!

Acclimated to Children!

Well Groomed and Bathed!

Fed a Homemade Raw Diet!

Our Cavapoos  have  these   desirable   attributes   :


Smart and Trainable!

Wonderful Temperaments!

Excellent Health inside and out!  

  See AVAILABLE PUPS   page above for   currently available puppies!   

Lacey  +   Muffin's  Litter Born June 6, 2023 

   All of these   puppies   found homes this summer! 

Lacey and Muffin's 3rd Litter
Newborn Cavapoo Litter 2023

These are small Cavapoos trending at 7-15 lbs full grown 

LACEY'S Puppies were born June 6th at 6AM not PM - hallelujah! 

They are all SUPER healthy, eating well and keeping us truly busy!!! 

Please go to AVAILABLE PUPPIES tab above for details on each puppy! Make sure to visit back each week to see updated pictures and video!!!  ~ Individual videos posted at 6wks old  ~ 

Rosie +  Muffin's Litter  Born April 14, 2023

ROSIE's puppies were born on April 14th in the middle of the night in our bedroom!  They are a vibrant and 100% healthy bunch of 3 girls and 2 boys... They look like their dad MUFFIN!

Rosie and Muffin's 1st Litter

   All of these   puppies   found homes this summer! 

  Some past puppies who found furever homes...  

Puppy Nellie


Puppy Cocoa


IMG_6769(1) (1)_edited.jpg


WHY   Cavapoos are a Spectacular Choice...

CAVAPOOS are an adorable designer mixed-breed from

 a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.  Cavaliers are great dogs!  Poodles are also great dogs!  A Cavalier-Poodle mix makes an INCREDIBLE dog!!!  They uniquely inherit the awesome traits from these two breeds while leaving out the negative ones! 

  • Cavapoos deeply want to please their owners; they show loyalty and devotion!

  • Cavapoos are gentle and affectionate.... they adore attention and love to cuddle! They are lapdogs by nature!  

  • Cavapoos are generally healthy dogs avoiding the common problems their parent breeds face!

  • Cavapoos are smart; they are easily trainable and enjoy learning!

  • Cavapoos are athletic; they love the outdoors and enjoy an active lifestyle!

  • While Cavapoos DO love activity, they are simultaneously just as content simply staying at home with their owners to keep them company!

  • Cavapoos are great with children and other dogs! 

  • Cavapoos are generally quiet!  They are mostly reserved with their vocals, although may bark at new comers while guarding your home and keeping you safe!  As well as at wild animals they spy outdoors! 

  • Cavapoos are hypoallergenic; Their coat is Hair not Fur…. No undercoat means no shedding which means no allergies and no mess!  Although they do require more grooming to keep their ever growing coat beautiful….it's a good trade!!!

  • Cavapoos are small – Besides the obvious benefits such as easy to feed, bathe, and walk… Small dogs are easier to transport so they can go with you places that larger dogs aren’t welcome!!! 

  • Cavapoos are a great choice for 1st time dog owners because they love to please!

  • BEST OF ALL - Both the Cavalier and the Poodle have longer life expectancies than most dog breeds.  Small dogs tend to live longer than large dog breeds!  That means Cavapoos are destined to enjoy an incredibly long lifespan!!!

CAVAPOOS are special little dogs with great big hearts! 

You might not be able to imagine having a forever Cavapoo,

but trust me.....once you have one they're bound to be

your dearest family member their whole life long!

Happy Transition  Assistance...

   I'm    happy to be available  via phone or text  indefinetly

for varies types of advice and help after bringing your new puppy home!

 $200  HOLD deposit applies towards purchase 

We accept CREDIT CARD payment

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