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Meet BEAR!

Birthdate -   Jan. 16th  (Tues.)  


Meet Bear!    Bear is  a  very  calm dog...for someone looking for a companion without the rambunctious puppy stage....Bear is gentle with a reserved and slow approach.    He wants   someone who gives him lots   of hands on affection and cuddle time.    He will   cling to you    like a child in your arms...He actually gives "bear hugs" literally - He latches on and squeezes!     He is happy  playing alone   and doesn't make a ruckus.... He is very quiet   and also quite contented.     Bear  is very soft coated and fluffy with a cute roundish and short   body stature which really  makes him look like a little baby black bear! 
He sleeps through the night with a dry crate now!     A big plus for   avoiding   sleep interruptions and for   
someone who wants to skip the early potty training stages!
His   mom   is a Cavalier and dad a mini   poodle.     
Estimated to be   15-18 lbs full grown.     Currently weighs  9 lbs.
Bear   is ready to go home now.    He is up to date on his   vet visits and vaccines....He   is eating   a super healthy raw diet and doing extremely well with his   daily schedule.      He will go home with a generous Care Package
(see Care Package here)
,  5 days of Raw Food,  Vet Papers  and a    1 year Genetic Health Guarantee if keeping him   on  his   NuVet Vitamins until 1 yrs   old.     
I also   offer my support    over the next few months for any helping/coaching you may need.  Particularly   for     raw  food ordering/preparation but also for anything else that arises with your puppy!  
HYPOALLERGENIC     ~     F1     ~    16   wks old    



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